REVIEW: Order Of 315 – Near-Birth Experience


Order Of 315 – Near-Birth Experience

CD 2013 DIY

‘Order Of 315’ is a French metal band formed in Paris in 2010. They just released their debut album ‘Near-Birth Experience’, an album with 10 songs that clocks at 61 minutes.

With their roots in metalcore, hard-rock and progressive metal ‘Order Of 315’ bring a modern blend of alternative metal. With elements of trash and death metal the album has a rough edge which makes it dark and brutal, but its also catchy and melodic.

Near-Birth Experience is nice and groovy metal album that combines all sorts of influences form the divers metal spectrum to an enjoyable whole. 7,5/10

Track list:

1.Enemies Wait Inside
2.Dogs That Lick, Dogs That Bite (The Leary Bill Of Rights)
3.Some Like It Shot
4.In Memory Of…
5.The Pact
7.Into The Hollow
9.S.A (Territorial Glorious Story)
10.Mr Brainwash


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