REVIEW: The brains – The Monster Within


The brains – The Monster Within
CD/LP 2013 People Like You Records (EU) / Stomp Records

Canadian horrorpunk-psychobilly band ‘The Brains’ is back with a new album called ‘The Monster Within’. Its the band’s sixth album, the follower to ‘Drunk Not Dead’ and it is released by People Like You Records and Stomp Records.

‘The Monster Within’ satisfies me more than the 2011 ‘Drunk Not Dead’ record, which already was a more then decent horrorpunk record but it seems that ‘The Monster Within’ just pushed it a little bit further. The blend of rockabilly, punk, horror and 50’s sci-fi is mostly up-tempo and furious. It seems like they are haunted by demons.

Its their best work so far and fans of rockabilly, psychobilly and horrorpunk can by this record without hesitation. 8/10

Track list:

1. The Monster Within
2.Give It All
3. Misery
4. The Damned
5. Bleed
6. Stay Back
7. Electrik Shock
8. Rest In Piece
9. Cucaracha In Leather
10. Kill Kill
11. Suffering And Pain
12. Devil In Disguise
13. Lies
14. Rolling Down


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