Punk rock is dead?! Not in Glabbeek

Growing up in the Tienen-Landen area in the 90s listening to punk rock, hardcore and metal, there were only a few venues nearby to see bands play. You had JH De Bleek (Tienen), JH De Bunker (Glabbeek), JH de Kloemp (Bunsbeek), …. A bid further from home there was JC Tijl (Diest), MOD (Hasselt) and way further Hof Ter Lo in Antwerp, …. You also had, and still have, a very vivid scene in the Leuven-Aarschot area doing shows in JH Sojo (Kessel-Lo), JH De Klinker (Aarschot), …


15+ years later not much has changed, venues/shows/… come and go just like people come and go and only a few die-hards remain. Today’s punk rock epicenter is mainly situated in the Aarschot area with JC De Klinker, Funtime Festival, …. Unfortunately there isn’t much to do anymore in the Tienen-Landen area. Although punk rock is still very active in Belgium, look at the amazing annual Groezrock festival held at the end op April in Meerhout and although its harder to put up shows, people still try to organize small, medium and large shows and festivals, also in Glabbeek with festivals like Kloemprock (JH De Kloemp) and the Strandfuif (JH De Bunker).


Kloemprock is a nice and cozy alternative festival grown out of JH de Kloemp in Bunsbeek. For the last few years a lot of national and international bands played there: The Business, Bad Manners, The Kids, Funeral Dress, The Casualties, Strung Out, MXPX, A Wilhelm Scream, Atlas Losing Grip, Off With Their Heads, Homer, F.O.D,  …

This years edition will be and indoor event at De Roos In Glabbeek with Strike Anywhere, 7 Seconds, Mute, Skin Of Tears and many more.



There is also a bigger and more mainstream oriented festival called Strandfuif, a 2-day event with punk and rock bands and a big party. The Strandfuif had bands like Pennywise, Boy Sets Fire, Heideroosjes, Sick Of It All, Bad Religion, … on there stage in the past. This year they are presenting Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg, Mad Caddies, The Datsuns, … 581554_10151498139333605_2061918102_n

So you see punk rock isn’t dead yet in Glabbeek.



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