REVIEW: Implants – From Chaos To Order



Implants – From Chaos To Order
CD/LP 2013 Effervescence Records

Implants is a melodic hardcore/skatepunk band formed in 2011 by 5 musicians active in bands as Strung Out (guitarist Rob Ramos), Pulley (guitarist Jim Blowers), Ten Foot Pole (Bass player Chris Del Rio and drummer Chris Dalley) and Brown Lobster Tank (vocalist Ken Conte).

I picked this record up after enjoying their live show in April at Groezrock (B) and its spinning in my record player on a regular basis ever since. Why? Because its just a great record. It reminds me of the music I grew up with during the ninties. I don’t care if you call it nostalgia or whatever but ‘From Chaos To Order is without a doubt one of the best punkrock records I’ve heard lately. Its a powerful, energetic, well played and well produced album full of catchy songs. 9/10

Track list:
1. Life Passes
2. Blinded
3. Through The Window
4. Once Was I
5. Mutualism
6. Bleed Within
7. Parallel
8. Stuck Around
9. Puppet Regime
10. These Walls
11. Unveiling
12. El Ron


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