INTERVIEW: Far From Finished (Groezrock 2013)


Photo’s by Far From Finished
Interview by Christophe Mouton

Far From Finished is a Boston based punk rock band that combines the rawness of Boston Streetpunk with melodic sweetness to a sound of their own. I had a chat with the band on Groezrock 2013.

Far From Finished played this years Groezrock for the first time. They enjoyed playing one of the best European hardcore and punk rock festivals. “Its one of the best festivals and an awesome place. Its a legendary festival with lots of integrity. Anything resembling to Groezrock in the States is probably The Fest”, Far From Finished replies. The band played Saturday at noon as the second band on the Monster Stage (main stage) and didn’t mind playing so early: “Its always a privilege to play Groezrock,” Far From Finished replies.

When I saw Far From Finished for the first time in Antwerp back in 2008 I loved the energy coming from the stage and they certainly have a good interaction with the crowd. “We feed of the crowd, that is for sure. If the crowd is feeling it we feel it. We just go for it and we feel more confident,” Far From Finished replies.

Far From Finished already has four records out. ‘East Side of Nowhere’ was a real Boston streetpunk record and with ‘living in the fallout’ they combined the rawness of Boston streetpunk with some melodic sweetness. ‘Forgettable’ had a more mainstream, Green Day alike poppy sound and with there latest 7” ”Lets be Frank’ it seems like they found the perfect combination off all the above.We’re growing, being around each other for that long creates I guess that perfect combination. That’s cool, we are not trying to do that, it kind of happens naturally,” Far From Finished replies.


The poppy approach of ‘Forgettable’ was a result of what the song-writing was doing at that moment and Far From Finished tried to embrace that as a band. They tried to make it as they wanted it to be well knowing that some people weren’t going to like it. ‘Forgettable’ is the result of the compromise between all the people involved in recording the record. “There are things we would change and there are things we like. It was an interesting experience and we learned from it … It was an ambitious record … We’ve been touring a while at that point and I guess we were kind of getting sick of playing the same songs … We wanted to try something new … We don’t regret it but it was an experiment,” says Far From Finished.

As a band Far From Finished is mostly inspired by life itself and the things that surround them: music by the Swinging Utters or Elvis Costello, people like Phil Spector, the things they see and read about, the bands they play with or the people they meet. It all will have its influences one way or the other on Far From Finished.


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