REVIEW: The real danger – Down And Out

9486_512728382094320_2046682372_nThe real danger – Down And Out
CD/LP 2013 Shield Recordings

Punk rock band ‘The Real Danger’ from the Netherlands started in 2006 and has already a few releases out. To me, The Real Danger, is one of the best Dutch punk rock bands around nowadays and it seems that with every record they outdo themselves. Therefore ‘Down And Out’ can be considered as their best work so far, not that their previous releases were bad, au contraire mon ami, au contraire …

‘Down And Out’ is a more than decent melodic punk rock record with enough variation to keep it interesting from the beginning till the end. Its packed with twelve strong, addictive and catchy songs.
‘Down And Out’ is a killer album that will appeal to fans of the Descendents, Face to face, Screeching Weasel,… 9/10

Track list:
1. Work it out

2. Anything
3. The guessing game
4. Pyramids
5. Cant stand
6. One thing
7. Not the only one
8. What if
9. Swann street
10. Tough love
11. Down and out
12. Summers gone


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