REVIEW: Orange Apple – Nothing To Lose


Orange Apple – Nothing To Lose

Never before, social criticism sounded so catchy, so enjoyable and so danceable like on the ‘Noting To Lose’ by the Belgian power rock and punk rock band Orange Apple. Influenced by the messy state of society and the world, during the turbulent times of the financial crisis, … Orange Apple started in 2007 with only one goal: to kick our butts with socio-political rock songs.

‘Nothing To Lose’ isn’t a soundtrack for your fist-in-the-air-lets-burn-this-city riot but its certainly the perfect soundtrack for a ‘reclaiming the streets’ event. With ‘Nothing To Lose’ Orange Apple succeeds in bringing socio-critical songs outside the punk rock niche into the more mainstream rock scene without losing the necessary punk rock fury.

Orange Apple’s ‘Nothing To Lose’ is positive tuned social criticism for the masses. 9/10

Track list:
1. When All is Left To Burn
2. Calamity Unjust
3. Protest



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