REVIEW: Bishops Green – s/t


Bishops Green – s/t
CD/LP 2013 Rebellion Records

Bishops Green, formed in 2011 in Vancouver Canada, is a street punk/Oi! band influenced by 80s punk rock and European Oi!

Their s/t début album starts very promising with ‘Tumbling Down’ a catchy melodic song that reminds me a bid of the Scottish punk rock band Hateful. Bishops Green is no fancy shit but straight forward, melodic street punk rock’n’roll with enough tempo variations to keep in interesting: ‘Blinded’ and ‘Alone’ for instance are more straightforward songs, as the tempo goes up and ‘Senseless Crime’ is more mid tempo. Lyrics wise the songs go deeper than your average shallow drink-a-long, hooligan band, which is nice.

Fans of catchy sing-a-long street punk rock’n’roll and bands like Hateful, The Business and Cock Sparrer can buy this record without hesitation. 8/10

Track list:
1. Tumbling Down
2. Blinded
3. Senseless Crime
4. Alone
5. Stay Away
6. The Crow


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