REVIEW: M.O.R.A. – s/t


M.O.R.A. – s/t
CD 2013 DIY

M.O.R.A. is a Helsinki, Finland based hardcore band, formed in 2008.

They play furious and brutal hardcore punk build on an old school hardcore foundation with some metalcore influences. The band is fronted by two female vocalists and their interaction, backed up by a solid rhythm section, makes M.OR.A.’s sound interesting. Although they sing in Finnish you can hear the anger and frustration dripping from the songs. Luckily a sheet with the English translations was added. The lyrics are a bit cliché but they certainly suit their sound.

For the fans of vicious hardcore. 8/10

Track list:
3.Neulan alla
4.Liika on liikaa
5.Mun jutut
7.Sika V.I.P


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