REVIEW: Bloodlights – Stand Or Die

Press_Cover_01Bloodlights – Stand Or Die
CD/LP/Digital 2013 People Like You Records

Bloodlights is a Norwegian (punk) rock formation started by Gluecifer’s songwriter and guitarist Captain Poon in 2007 after Gluecifer called it quits. They already released two albums: ‘Bloodlights’ (2008) and ‘Simple Pleasures’ (2009).

Their third album ‘Stand Or Die’ was scheduled to be released in 2011 but they changed their minds. Captain Poon wanted a sharper edge and a rougher outcome and the release was delayed. ‘Stand Of Die’ was finally released in May 2013 on People Like You Records.

‘Stand Or Die’ consists of 10 dirty rock’n’roll tracks with a noisy touch. Its not renewing in any way but not bad either. The songs are catchy and have a sound that is a mixture of Motorhead with Turbonegro and The Damned, brought with a punk rock attitude. 7/10

Track list:
1. Roll With Me
2. Arms Around It
3. Shit For Gold
4. Sure Shot
5. 10 Times 2.12
6. Blackouts And Landmines
7. Stand Or Die
8. Time To Kill
9.I Got Mine
10.Dive Into The Void


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