REVIEW: Fat Bastard – Feel The Pain

Front-Cover-copyFat Bastard – Feel The Pain
CD 2013 DIY

Fat Bastard is an Antwerp (B) based heavy rock band who, earlier this year, released their first record called ‘Feel The Pain. The records consist of 6 new songs and a few re-recorded ones.

Fat Bastard has a heavy and rough sound enhanced by mostly raw and hoarse vocals. Their sound sometimes reminds me of Motorhead blended with Disturbed. Even Life Of Agony sometimes comes to mind when vocalist Jorn uses more cleaner vocals. Those cleaner vocals suit their sound well.

‘Feel The Pain’ is raw rock’n’roll with a twist of metal and quite groovy at times. 7/10

Track list:
1. Instant Shame
2. Bastard
3. Don’t Want You Here
4. Kickoff
5. Burn
6. Get Ya
7. Better Off Dead
8. Smile
9. Kickoff Party
10. DWYH Party


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