REVIEW: The Boy who Cried Wolf – Bad Time Stories


The Boy who Cried Wolf – Bad Time Stories
Digitial 2013 Fading Hale Records

The Boy Who Cried Wolfis a Bucharest, Romania based hardcore/metal band who released their first record ‘Bad Time Storiestrough the Romania based DIY label Fading Halo Records. The record is only digital available and can be downloaded for free at the labels website.

Bad Time Storiesis a heavy album with a lot of tempo changes and variations in style and vocals. Bad Time Storiescertainly isn’t a dull album, whether its brutal metal or hardcore, breakdowns, mosh parts, a dash of noise, sludge or mathcore, you can find it all on this not so easy to chew album. Unfortunately sometimes the vocal qualities disappoint me a bid. 7/10


  1. It’s Just A Rebel, Sir !
  2. Home
  3. Ghost Riders (Flame On, Scumbags!)
  4. The Boy Who Cried Wolf
  5. Swamps
  6. Inverted Queen
  7. John McClane
  8. End


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