REVIEW: V/A: Oi! Made In Holland 2

cover_smallV/A: Oi! Made In Holland 2
CD 2013 Rebellion Records

Rebellion Records recently released their second edition of the Oi! Made in Holland CD compilation with 29 Dutch bands performing 29 unreleased, classic or soon-to-be-classic Oi! and punk anthems.

This album is a nice introduction to the Dutch Oi and punk scene with contributions by bands as Badlands, Stealers, Bruiseheads, Subrockers, Evil Conduct, Tech 9 and a lot more. Fans of the genre will know a lot of the songs on this compilation but maybe it will guide you to some new bands you haven’t heard before. Although some songs aren’t new or of a lesser quality, it still remains a nice and a cheap addition to your Dutch Oi and punk collection.


  1. Razorblade – Days Of Glory
  2. Urban Soldiers – Get Out Of The Way
  3. Close Combat – Spit Blood
  4. G.O.H. – Running From The Law
  5. Badlands – The Open Road
  6. Disturbance – Youth
  7. Stealers, The – Hey!
  8. Bruiseheads, The – The Unstoppable Force
  9. Dead Weights – Tidal Wave
  10. Squats, The – Chaos In Nijmegen
  11. Subrockers – Taxi Driver
  12. Evil Conduct – Skinhead Till I Die
  13. Heros & Zeros – S.O.S.
  14. NV Le Anderen – Imitation D
  15. Antidote – Let’s Get Drunk
  16. Intoxication – Punx Party
  17. Tech 9 – Payback
  18. Patrons, The – Are You Ready?
  19. Total Loss – Get Out
  20. Discharger – We’re Coming To Your Town
  21. Hardsell – Revolution
  22. Scallyways – Another Day
  23. Pagans – We Don’t Need
  24. Firm, The – Broken Family
  25. Bodyshot – Violence
  26. Magnificent, The – Desperate In The Dessert
  27. Milkman – Now’s The Time
  28. One Night Stand – Hometownlover
  29. Oi!evaar – Reigers


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