REVIEW: We Butter The Bread With Butter – Goldkinder

goldkinder cover 1400 x 1400

We Butter The Bread With Butter – Goldkinder
CD 2013 BMG

This German metalband certainly wins in the category ‘most stupid band name ever’. That’s also the main reason why I never checked this band out. I’ve received ‘Goldkinder’ for reviewing and I only gave it a few spins just to make sure I‘m not missing anything good … and no I‘m not.

Musically ‘Goldkinder’ is a fusion of death metal, metalcore and industrial with a high Rammstein factor, so vocals-wise you hear a mixture of clean singing, screams and death metal grunts but its all done in a crappy way. 

The Rammstein link isn’t weird because both bands are heavy rockbands that use German lyrics, synthesisers, electro and humour, but ‘Goldkinder is also mixed by Stefan Glaumann who is a.o. known for his work with Rammstein.

I’m sure there are a lot of people who like this and there will be some Rammstein fans that will dig this too but it just doesn’t work for me. I find it altogether a ridiculous band.

I’m going to listen to some Rammstein now to get these tunes out of my head and I’m not even a big Rammstein fan either. 5/10

Track list:

1. Alles Was Ich Will
2. Meine Brille
3. Ohne Herz
4. Pyroman & Astronaut
5. Super Heiß Ins Trommelfell (S.H.I.T.)
6. Fall
7. Mayday Mayday
8. Viva Mariposa
9. Makellos
10. Das Uhrwerk
11. Krieg aus Gold
12. Psycho
13. Kind im Brunnen


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