REVIEW: Kids Of The Streets – Burn It Down


Kids Of The Streets – Burn It Down
CD 2013 Aggrobeat

‘Kids Of The Streets’ is a Moscow based streetpunk band and they are my first introduction to the Russian (street)punk scene. The CD comes in a well presented digipack with glued booklet.

At first ‘Burn It Down’ sounds a bit cliché with typical Perkele and Street Dogs alike streetpunk. But after a few spins you realize that the songs go a bid deeper than your average streetpunk band. The songs are about standing your ground, fighting for who you are, breaking the law, greedy politicians, …and like a lot of other streetpunk songs they are catchy, melodic and aggressive but the use of acoustic and folk elements (Tales Of Honor, Paradise Of honour, …) offer a nice addition to their sound. 7,5/10

1. This Is A Riot
2. Headshot
3. A Good Day
4. Burn It Down
5. Tales Of The Honour
6. Bastards
7. Boris
8. Mountain River
9. Kids Of The Streets
10. Paradise & Hell
11. One of Us
12. We’ll Stay Alive


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