REVIEW: Waves Like Walls – Brain as a Weapon


Waves Like Walls – Brain as a Weapon
EP 2013 10th Legion Records

Waves Like Walls is a 5-piece metalcore band from Germany. Their ‘Brain as a Weapon’ debut EP got released at the end of July through 10th Legion Records. It contains 4 brutal metalcore songs with powerful and overwhelming double bass parts, a devastating rhythm section, moshparts, breakdowns and rough (grunting) vocals.

Their brutal hardcore comes with a content (that’s always good for some extra credits ;-)), their lyrics offer a critical view on modern society like the treatment of animals in industrial farming (Will We stand there Silent?), being brainwashed by religion, … (Brain As A Weapon), people that think that they are superior (You Are Not A Hero), real support by friends and family (Family And Friends).

Good stuff for the fans who like their core heavy and brutal. 7,5/10

1. Will We Stand There Silent?
2. Brain As A Weapon
3. You’re Not A Hero
4. Family And Friends


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