REVIEW: The Raunchy Rumors – Animal Crackers

598869_195429583914203_1403728082_nThe Raunchy Rumors Animal Crackers
CD 2013 Fuck No Records

The Raunchy Rumors is the side project by ‘The Red Light Rumors’ vocalist/guitarist Gerd and ‘The Red Light Rumors’ drummer Kurt. As ‘The Raunchy Rumors’ they bring ‘The Red Light Rumors’ songs translated to a two man band.

‘Animal Crackers’, their first demo, has 4 ‘The Red Light Rumors’ songs in a more pure form with screaming guitars, cocktail drums and more raunchy vocals. So expect stripped down but wilder and raunchier versions of some of ‘The Red Light Rumors’ songs.

If you already have ‘Tonight I’m going Wild’ or ‘Rumors are Wild’ by ‘The Red Light Rumors’ then you know the songs already but these raunchier versions certainly makes it a few Euro’s well spend. 9/10

1. Bacon Fat
2. Johnny B
3. Skin The Bunny
4. Tonight I’m Going Wild


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