REVIEW: The Red Light Rumors – Panther

545446_10151317758491712_66913468_nThe Red Light Rumors – Panther
CD/LP 2013 Fuck No Records / Labl Records

Guess its about time I gave ‘Panther’ by ‘The Red Light Rumors’ a review, its been out a while. ‘Panther’ is the third release by ‘The Red Light Rumors’ and this 6 track EP is available both on CD and as a cool looking one sided vinyl experience (yes, I have a weakness for vinyl).

‘The Rumors’ are possessed by Rock and Roll and that just what you get on ‘Panther’, just like before on ‘Tonight I’m going Wild’ and ‘All Rumors are True/Rumors are Wild’. So again 6 tracks of dirty, sleazy rock and roll madness. In comparison with ‘All Rumors are True’ the new songs are less psycho but still wild enough for the rock and roll fanatics. 9/10

1. Panther
2. Lazy White Boy Blues
3. Possessed by Rock and Roll
4. Temptation & Lust
5. Lordy
6. Shark Attack


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