REVIEW: Thee Spivs – The Crowds And The Sounds

11930891140054Thee Spivs – The Crowds And The Sounds
CD/LP 2013 Damaged Goods Records

‘Buzzcocks’, ‘The Kinks’ and even ‘Stiff Little Fingers’, ‘the Ramones’ and ‘the Damned’ fans need to check out this London band: Thee Spivs because their rocking punk-pop is a great blend of traditional British punk, garage rock, new wave and British pop.

A good way to start is picking up their latest and third album ‘The Crowds And The Sounds’. The songs are mostly mid tempo but if you prefer it a bid more up-tempo and punchy then you certainly have to check out their previous work. So like I said, the songs on ‘The Crowds And The Sounds’ are a bid slower, longer and poppier then their earlier work but still it rocks.

Thee Spivs bring catchy tunes for the fans of the British 70s. 8,5/10

1. Social Network
2. Forget It
3. Outside Myself
4. The Crowds and the Sounds
5. Straight Out of Art School
6. Weathered Men
7. Mickey Pearce Waved Goodbye
8. Heroin Pin Ups
9. Lets Talk About the Weather
10. Jigsaw Man
11. Mozart’s Locked Away


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