REVIEW: Crimson Falls – Downpours of Disapproval

1014341_437651489666045_633744833_nCrimson Falls – Downpours of Disapproval
CD 2013 Regenesis Agency

The Belgian Deathcore band Crimson Falls is around for more then 10 years now. They had a turbulent history with several line-up changes but anno 2013 they are back with a new album ‘Downpours of Disaproval’ following 2 years after the Fragments of Awareness release.

Crimson Falls isn’t your average deathcore band. Their sound is experimental and multi layered with elements of death metal, metalcore and mathcore. So, besides brutal, furious and melodic its also full of variations in styles, tempo, vocals and intensity. Sometimes its all a bid to experimental for my taste but in a way its also interesting not to know what to expect next. 7.5/10

Track list:
1. Resurrection
2. Downpours Of Disapproval
3. How Much Does Life Weigh? (feat. Brent Steak Nr.8)
4. Stillborn
5. Testify (feat. DJ Jeant)
6. Trapped
7. Vengeance Is Mine
8. Culture Of Cancellations
9. The Generation Chasm (feat. Daniel Textures)
10.Le Coup De Grâce
11.Show Me Your Hands That Strangled My Child (Bonus track)


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