REVIEW: Stallone – Mire

CoverStallone – Mire
CD/LP/digital download 2013 Tangled Talk Records and Enjoyment Records
‘Mire’ is the first output by the UK based hardcore/metal band Stallone and offers 7 heavy tracks.

Listening to ‘Mire’ bands as ‘The Dillinger Escape Plan’ and ‘Converge’ come to mind. Basically ‘Mire’ is a blend of post-hardcore, mathcore and sludge. The songs are overall fast, melodic and technically strong, so expect tempo changes, odd structures, well placed breaks, screams, … If you are not a fan of the genres mentioned above then Stallone will not be your band.

Track list:
1. As A Serpent
2. Without A Home
3. In The Mire
4. Nailed Myself To The Corss
5. They Drew
6. In My Sleep
7. A Chalice


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