NEWS: THE WHOCARES record full length album “Now In Full Stereo”

TWC_01After 100 shows and some smaller releases (MCD, EP, …), The Whocares are entering the studio to record a first album.

A full album is the logical next step for us. We put things on hold between 2009 and 2011, but now have a solid line-up again that feels perfect. This resulted in a bunch of new songs. Everyone is highly motivated and more then ever willing to work hard, not forgetting the occasional bar cruise of course!”

You can expect energetic and upbeat rock influenced by The Hellacopters, Thin Lizzy, Motörhead, KISS, Ramones, The Datsuns, … Or, as the band refers to the genre: “Hard Driven Rock’n’Roll Power”. Mainly known as a live band, key will be to get this vibe into the recordings. For this The Whocares are going to the Telemark studios to work with Bob Demarsin, known for his live work with Belgian bluesrockers The DeVilles.

The release is set for early 2014.

(Source: The Whocares)


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