REVIEW: Dead End Street – s/t

DeadEndStreet_ABEP008_frontcoverDead End Street – s/t
7” 2013 Aggrobeat Records

Dead End Street is an Italian streetrock’n’roll band formed in 2011 as a side project by a.o. ex-Payback members but soon became a real full time band playing shows with bands as Klasse Kriminale, Argy Bargy, …

This EP is the band’s first release and contains four tracks combining Streetpunk and Rock and Roll to a catchy whole. Musically and lyrically its nothing we haven’t heard before, think a mix of the Boston streetpunk sound (Street Dogs, …) with the Business and add some Discipline and some Australian rock and roll.

This ‘Dead End Street’ début surely has some nice sounding streetrock’n’roll sing-a-long anthems with nice riffs and good melodies who will stick in your head but nothing more but also nothing less. 7,5/10

Track List:
1. One Beer, Two Shots
2. Dead End Street
3. Outlaw
4. Can You Hear Me?


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