REVIEW: Black Leather Jacket – s/t


Black Leather Jacket – s/t
EP 2013 DIY

Black Leather Jacket is a young 3 piece rock band from Belgium (Essen and Kalmthout) formed in 2012. Their songs can be downloaded for free through their facebook page.

Musically they describe themselves as a rock and roll band that brings a mix of hard rock and rock and roll. Fine by me because that is exactly what the do. I would even add that they have some Doom influences here and there. Do I like it? Yes and no. I certainly like (most of) their rock and roll songs, it has a rough edge and they are not afraid to cross the boundaries of rock and roll. But what I don’t like that much is the colour of the vocals, they aren’t bad but they aren’t fully to my taste.

Do not hesitate to check this young Belgian rock and roll band out. 7/10



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