REVIEW: Truckfighters – The Chairman

TF-draft-july-21-CHAIRMAN-EP-FRONT-FINAL-2Truckfighters The Chairman
EP 2013 Fuzzorama Records/ Last Hurrah Records

Truckfighters is a Swedish rock band who in October released this ‘The Chairman’ EP as a limited 10” vinyl EP, a US 12” special edition and also as download. The band already released three albums and a full-length motion picture documentary DVD (the “Fuzzomentary”). This EP is an appetizer for a full-length album to be released in early 2014.

Altough I never heard of them before, Josh Homme/QOTSA calls this band: “probably the best band that’s ever existed”. I’ll guess they are one of those underground bands waiting to get picked up by the masses and a positive Josh Homme quote will certainly help with that. Can we agree with Josh Homme? We certainly can agree that Truckfighters is an interesting band, a band that is good enough to be exited about. They have a groovy rock sound firmly rooted in stonerrock. Listening to the live tracks, Truckfighters is a band you must see live.

So Check out this band, pick up this EP because its worth it. 8,5/10

Track list:
A 1. The Chairman
A 2. Monte Gargano (live, US 12” special edition only)

B 1. Desert Cruiser (live)
B 2. Traffic (live, US 12” special edition only)


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