REVIEW: Badlands – Alexandrian Age

rr086-cover-small2Badlands Alexandrian Age
CD 2013 Rebellion Records

Badlands started in 2002 and decided to call it a day in 2008 but last year they came back with an acoustic EP ‘Capital Of Spirit’ and earlier this year they released the ‘World Of Pain’ EP. Now after five years Badlands is back with a new full length ‘Alexandrian Age‘.

The Biggest question I ask myself is if ‘Alexandrian Age’ was worth the wait? I think so. It contains all the strong points Badlands was known for like good song writing, nice melodies, acoustic guitars, good vocals, … Victor has matured and so has his sound by adding even more harmony and melody then before. Anno 2013, Badlands has outgrown his skinhead scene roots with their melodic streetrock’n’roll in which acoustic songs alternate nicely with electronic punk rock tunes. And like the promo sheet says, even Social Distortion and Bad Religion fans can/will enjoy it.

The Flame is still burning in Badlands and Alexandrian Age certainly is the perfect comeback record. 9/10

Track list:
1. Alexandrian Age
2. Oh Death
3. Cast Out
4. Wanderer in the Dark
5. The Mastersinger of Thuringia
6. Nostalgia’s Treason
7. Back where I Belong
8. Ruler and Slave
9. Triumph never lies in Words
10. Sorrow’s Companion


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