REVIEW: V/A – Cashing In On Christmas Volume 5

HO-037-front-cover-720x720V/A Cashing In On Christmas Volume 5
LP 2013 Black Hole Records

Going to work on a cold December morning with Cashing In On Christmas Volume 5 coming out of my headset gets the Christmas spirit started ;-). Whether you love Christmas or hate it, this 3-sided LP, features (mostly) original tunes from well known and less known punk and Oi! Bands bringing Christmas inspired songs.

Not all songs/bands are brilliant and the strongest point about this album is that its a divers album. Whether you are into punk, punk rock, ska or Oi!, whether you like to cheer to the Christmas spirit, hate it or just want to have fun, this album got it all from Jingle bells to Santa’s Hell. It even puts the finger on some darker aspects of Christmas and our society (Another Night Alone, …).
For most of the songs it sure was fun to listen to. I’m surely going to check out some of the bands I didn’t know. 7,5/10

Track list:
1. Harrington Saints – XMAS
2. Suckered In – Whiskey & Keilbasy
3. Hooligan (Dublin) – Punk Rock Christmas
4. Lion’s Law – He Never Came Around
5. Immoral Discipline – Fuck Your Christmas
6. Roadside Bombs – Christmas in California
7. Chem D – The 12 Steps of Christmas
8. Maddog Surrender – All I Want for Christmas is the
9. Sniper 66 – 7 Years
10. Stranglehold – Another Night Alone
11. BOY – Party Time
12. On The Job – Merry Christmas & Short Cropped Hair
13. The Bad Engrish – Ho Ho Oh Noo!
14. Monkish – Santa’s On the Register
15. Bishops Green – Christmas in New York
16. Splodgenessabounds – You’ve Got to Have a Dream
17. Prins Carl – Cut The Wire
18. Angry Snowmans – North Pole
19. Evil Conduct – Silver Bells

Bonus tracks:
20. Missile Toads – Christmas Ham
21. Hooligan (Dublin) – Punk Rock Christmas (Extended Version)


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