REVIEW: RazorCut – Gone Are Those Days…

COVER_smallRazorCut – Gone Are Those Days…
MCD/10” 2013 Rebellion Records
RazorCut was founded in mid 2011 in Melbourne (Australia), influenced by classic and modern Oi! and streetpunk such as Cock Sparrer, Evil Conduct, Blitz, … Recently their singer got replaced by Al (Marching Orders).

‘Gone Are Those Days…’ holds six streetpunk/Oi! tracks, with Al’s vocals sounding a bid like Lars form ‘the Old Firm Casuals’ but with an Aussie twist and a shaper cutting voice. Al is backed up by the female vocals from the guitar and bass section.

RazorCut ‘Gone Are Those Days…’ is another more then decent Aussie streetpunk record released by Rebellion Records. Its catchy and it has a good rocking vibe. 8/10

Track list:
1. No Country For Fat Old Men
2. No Loyalty
3. Saving Grace
4. Marching On
5. Not Responsible
6. You’ll Get Yours


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