REVIEW: Zero Mentality – X

Zero Mentality - X - ArtworkZero Mentality – X
7”/digital 2013 Let It Burn Records

Zero Mentality is back with a brand new 7”, called X‘ containing three new songs, produced in November 2013 by MAROON singer André Moraweck (NEKROWERK Studio). The digital version of the 7” includes an unpublished one: ‘For Myself’. This songs was the first ever written song of Zero Mentality and recorded just after their start in 2002, unfortunately the sound quality of this song isn’t that good.

‘Gemini’ and ‘Serenity Now’ are two heavy, hard hitting and catchy hardcore/metal tracks that show a band that still got it to make great hardcore songs. The last new one on this release ‘Buergerliche Kaelte‘ is an instrumental track that would not be out of place as an intermezzo track on a major rock/metal band record.

Since ‘This thing of Ours’ by The Setup, ‘X’ is another hardcore record that fuelled my hardcore heart again. 8/10

Track list:
2. Serenity Now
3. Buergerliche Kaelte
4. For Myself


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