REVIEW: Menace – Too Many Punks Are dead

PromoImageMenace Too Many Punks Are dead
LP 2013 Rebel Sound Records

UK punk pioneers Menace, mostly known from the song GLC, formed in August 1976 and had their first gig at the now legendary Roxy. They got singed straight away but the band ended in 1979 due to lack of interest. They were often described as being influential to the origin of Oi! music. Menace reformed in the late 90’s. Too Many Punks Are Dead was self released by the band on CD in 2011 and its now been released on vinyl.

Still Today the band can be seen as the missing link between 77 punk and Oi! Music. The album is full of good 77 punk tunes with the classic topics (so nothing new hear), a ska/tone song (My Very Good Friend) and an ode to the dead punks like Joe Strummer, … (Too Many Punks Are Dead).

They say punk is dead, punk isn’t dead just too many punks are dead, except Menace. 7,5/10

Track List:
1. Thank God I’m An Atheist
2. I Don’t Care
3. Too Many Punks Are Dead
4. United
5. My Very Good Friend
6. Party Animal
7. Get Out There
8. Busy
9. Leave Me Alone
10. We Are The Boys
11. One Two One Two (Bonus Track)


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