REVIEW: Swan Dive – Fly Toward The Sun

SD_Front1Swan Dive – Fly Toward The Sun
EP 2014 Fist in the Air / Day by Day Records

Swan Dive features members of More Than Life, Dead Swans & Last Witness. They will release their debut EP ‘Fly Toward The Sun on 7 January 2014 through Fist in the Air and Day by Day Records.

The music of Swan Dive has elements of grunge and indie rock and maybe a twist of stoner and sludge too. It doesn’t sound very optimistic at times and it has a bid of a depressing vibe mixed with a dreamy/ghostly atmosphere. Specially with the last track, the acoustic ‘Til’ You’re Numb’ they create a ghostly version of an unearthly ‘Space Oddity’ alike atmosphere. Nice soundtrack for those dark winter days. 7.5/10

Track list:
1. Fly Toward The Sun
2. Hopesick
3. Dirtbag
4. Til’ You’re Numb


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