REVIEW: V/A – Oi! Made in Indonesia


V/A – Oi! Made in Indonesia
CD 2013 Aggrobeat Records
If you like Oi!/punk and doesn’t mind to go Asian then you should check out this ‘Oi! Made in Indonesia’ compilation put out by Aggrobeat Records. It contains 13 Indonesian Oi!/punk Bands bringing 25 songs in 75 minutes.

It seems that, according to the promo sheet, the Indonesian punk scene has had some rough years but the small underground scene is on the rise. This ‘Oi! Made In Indonesia’ is the first serious attempt to introduce the Indonesian scene to a wider range of people worldwide.

The album is quite divers in sound: you can here that some of the bands are influenced by the classic UK punk and Oi! bands while others have a more American sound influenced by hardcore and punk. The album comes with an 8-page booklet with pictures, liner notes and band info. ‘Oi! Made in Indonesia’ is an interesting musical document about the Indonesian Oi! and punk scene.

Track list:
1. Dom 65: Televistor
2. Dom 65: 8 To 8
3. No Man’s Land: Riot Society
4. No Man’s Land: Game Over
5. GlorypoinT: Bebas Bekerja
6. GlorypoinT: I Want A Better LDR
7. Firecrackers: Anti Fasis Anti Rasis
8. Firecrackers: Muda Bangga
9. Skinlander: Look Out
10. Skinlander: Cheers
11. Self Revolution: Sepiring Nasi
12. Self Revolution: Young And Proud
13. Sta-Prest Boys: Here We Are
14. Sta-Prest Boys: Don’t Leave Us
15. Spirit Of Oi!: Spirit Of Oi!
16. Spirit Of Oi!: Yes, We Are Proud
17. Full Time Skins: Tanah Airku
18. Full Time Skins: Red Indonesian Skinhead
19. The Young’s Boot: Skinhead Girl
20. The Young’s Boot: Punk & Skin
21. United Blood: Children Victim Of War
22. United Blood: We Always Remember You
23. Moonstomp: Nothing To Regret
24. Moonstomp: Rebellion Youth Crew
25. The NagNagNag: Song Of The NagNagNag


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