REVIEW: The Shame – Tulsa Old School

abcd009The Shame – Tulsa Old School
MCD 2013 Aggrobeat Records

According to the press sheet, the band members of ‘The Shame’ know each other since they got involved in punk in the late 80’s. Later they played in several hardcore and punk bands like Brother Inferior, Bring Down The Hammer and Assembly of God but these bands, more or less, fell apart. In 2011- Josh (bass), Giss (drums) and Chad (guitar/vocals) teamed up again and decided to go back to the essence of punk music with old-fashioned Oi! influenced by Sham 69, The Oppressed, The Business, … Within a few months the band recorded six songs which appeared on hard-to-find vinyl releases like the ‘Oi! This is Streetpunk volume 3’ LP and the ‘Voi!ce Of America Volume Two’ EP. The band also released an EP called ‘The World Is Ours’. Aggrobeat Records collected these six songs along with three songs from their ‘The Plan’ album on a this mini ‘Tulsa Old School’ CD, limited to 300 copies.

Musically ‘The Shame’ doesn’t bring anything new to the Oi! Spectrum. Its your typical sing and drink along 80s British Oi! with your typical skinhead/Oi!/working class subjects: drinking, football, … So if you’re into this you can’t go wrong with ‘Tulsa Old School’ by The Shame. 7.5/10

Track list:

1. The World Is Ours
2. Nothing Gained
3. For Football And The Pints
4. The Kings Of The Midwestern Plains
5. Take The Day
6. Daytime Drinking
7. Song Of The Street
8. Blacked Out
9. Sam’s Army


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