REVIEW: 99 Bottles / Total Annihilation – Colorado Oi!

7inch final99 Bottles / Total Annihilation – Colorado Oi!
2014 split EP Rebel Sound Music

This is a split EP with two American Oi bands from Colorado. 99 Bottles was formed in 2008 and Total Annihilation started in 1999 as a punk band and ended up playing Oi!

99 Bottles has a violent Oi!/streetpunk sound with a big fuck you attitude and incisive punk vocals with your typical songs about skinhead violence, …. Nothing really new and exciting here. The sound of Total Annihilation is slower and has, also due to the Templars cover, a Templar but also a 4-skins vibe going on.

I don’t find it a very interesting release but check it out for yourself, mauybe you like it more.

Track list:
1. 99 Bottles: Lost My Way
2. 99 Bottles: Skinhead Violence
3. Total Annihilation: You Never Were
4. Total Annihilation: The Glory It Once Was (The Templars)


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