REVIEW: Sonic Daze – First Coming


Sonic Daze – First Coming
CD/EP 2014 DIY

The coolest thing about doing the thing that I do is getting to know new bands, write about them give them a bid of support. A new band to me, a probably to a lot of you is Sonic Daze. Its an Italian garage, punk rock and roll quartet who just released a self-produced six-song CD/EP, called ‘First Coming’.

‘First Coming’ is an enjoyable and divers garage rock and roll album with a twist of punk and surf, that got me hooked after only one listening session. Opener ‘Hear Me Calling’ directly immediately grabs your attention with its fuzzy rocking beat, follower ‘When The Sun’ has a bid of a Ramones vibe and with track number four ‘So Many Colours’ a summer vibe kicks in due to the twist of surf.
So ‘First Coming’ is a more then decent punk rock and roll album with catchy songs. 7,5/10

Track list:
1. Hear Me Calling
2. When The Sun
3. Amorality
4. So Many Colours
5. Come Back Tomorrow
6. Get Out Of The Way


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