REVIEW: The Swampy’s – Last One Before Snuffin’ Out???

swampys-last-oneThe Swampy’s – Last One Before Snuffin’ Out???
CD/LP 2013 Drunkabilly Records

The Swampy’s are a Belgian (Walloon) psychobilly band. They were around in the eighties, folded but started again in 2009 with a new line-up, thanks to Christophe from Drunkabilly Records. At the end of last year, 25 years or more after the release of ‘Come Back To The Swamp’, they released their second album ‘Last One Before Snuffin’ Out???’.

‘This record is a good example of how psychobilly should be: old school to the bone with an upright bass that is getting molested; songs with a nasty, crazy and stomping rock and roll sound; abrasive, twisted and sometime crow-alike vocals (with even some high 80s rock/trashspeedmetal alike shout outs). You know, music with some loose screws, like its coming straight from the mental institution for the musically insane 😉

‘Last One Before Snuffin’ Out???’ by The Swampy’s is quality Hellgium brewed psychobilly. Every self respecting psychobilly fan should pick this one up. 8/10

Track list:
1. Born In 65’
2. Ca
3. Welcome In Hell
4. Swamp Stomp
5. The Coffin Shaker
6. Pyramides
7. El Ranchero
8. Valley Of The Dead
9. Anthony Starck
10. Krueger


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