REVIEW: Tall Boys – One

Tall Boys one LPcdTall Boys – One
CD/LP 2013 Drunkabilly Records

‘The Meteors’ are one of the best known psychobilly bands around and they are often seen as the founders of the psychobilly sound. Both Nigel Lewis and Mark Roberston form ‘The Tall Boys’ were founding members of ‘The Meteors’.

‘The Tall Boys’ were formed in London in 1983, they split up in 1987 and reformed briefly in 1996 and 1997 for shows in the UK, Germany and Finland. The band came back together, played their first reunion in Antwerp (November 2011) and added Belgian bass player Jens de Waele (Fifty Foot Combo) to their line-up, replacing Kevin Green.

There is no doubt that I like ‘The Meteors’ but I was never a big fan of most of the solo work from both founding members P. Paul Fenech and Nigel Lewis (and the Zorchmen). Also with the ‘Tall Boys’, I have a bid of a hard time getting into their new full length studio album ‘One’. Nigel Lewis vocals have quite a distinctive sound and its the colour of that sound that I don’t always like: in a way it adds dullness to some songs but on the other end, the vocals also characterizes the ‘Tall Boys’. Musically their blend of rockabilly, garage rock and psychobilly goes in as easily as sweet cake.

One’ consists of some new songs, some reworked versions of older tracks (Funtime, Ride This Torpedo) and some covers (Garry Gimore’s Eyes by The Adverts, You Think I’m Psycho, Don’t You Mama). 7/10

Track list:
1. The Man Who Walked On the Moon
2. Wild Sunday Morning
3. This Bird Will Fly
4. Missing Link
5. Copyright The Design
6. I Feel
7. Fire of love
8. Another Day
9. Funtime
10. River Of Fire
11. Gary Gilmore’s Eyes
12. Ride Torpedo
13. I come From Another Planet
14. You Think I’m Psycho, Don’t You Mama


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