INTERVIEW: Coma Commander (B)


Here we go, the new face of Rock and Roll … Coma Commander from Diest (B) is quite a new and upcoming raw and melodic punk rock band that deserves your attention. Last year they released their first EP. Interview February 2014.

OOS: “Coma Commander is a new and upcoming punk rock band from Diest (Belgium), please introduce yourself and what made you decide to start a punk rock band?”

Jeroen:Hi, we’re Coma Commander and we play raw and melodic punk rock. You could call us a fairly young band since we played our first show in October 2012 and released our first EP in October 2013.

Somewhere in the first half of 2012, we decided to start a band since we’ve known each other for a long time. Before Coma Commander, the five of us have been playing in a few other bands over the past years. None of those bands played actual punk rock. We could all play an instrument or sing, we were hanging out together a lot and we loved the same music. Looking at it that way, it wasn’t really a ‘decision’ to start a band, but rather a ‘normal’ thing to happen.”

OOS: “In October last year you released your first EP. In a review I read, the reviewer wrote that you guys sound like a blend of Lagwagon and No Use For A Name mixed with modern pop punk. Are the punk rock bands from the nineties a big influences on your band?”

Jeroen:Yeah, I read that too. That was actually pretty surprising. Of course we love Lagwagon and other nineties punk rock bands, but those definitely weren’t the bands that directly inspired us to make the songs we recorded. Lagwagon and the likes were my first introduction to punk rock, but that’s been like 12 years ago (good old Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 times). But those aren’t the bands I’m mainly inspired by today (even though I love to spin an old No Use For A Name record now and then).”a3812459271_2

 At heart I’m an optimist really, so it’s not all shits and pickles.”

OOS: “Listening to your music, it seems that there are some messages in your music: I care not for these modern ways … It’s sickening to see these wannabe mayors shaking all those hands leading us towards a pitfall … Is there a certain message, a point of view you want to give/spread?

Bram:A point of view might be a very accurate description of our lyrics. Most of it are observations of what we see around us and a reflection on how absurd things sometimes get. It’s never meant as a pointing finger though, it’s just a way to vent my perspective on the world. At heart I’m an optimist really, so it’s not all shits and pickles. There’s almost always a positive message, cryptically hidden between the lines. I geek out on stuff like that.”

OOS: “The official video for ‘TV Guides Make You Smarter’ got a lot of views on YouTube. Who came up with the idea of making a video and how it ended up?”

Jeroen:All credits for that videoclip go to Maarten “Mütte” Brants at Droid Valley Studio. Maarten always has cool ideas and he’s one of the best friends of the band, so that was a killer-combo. He didn’t really tell us what was about to happen, so we kinda had to take a leap of faith right there. Best decision ever. On February 23rdWe’ll be recording a newvideoclip together with Mütte.”

OOS: “Their is a lot of humour in the video, is humour an important factor for Coma Commander?”

Jeroen:Hm, what to say… We don’t see ourselves as a “serious band that’s destined to do great things”… We just love punk rock, playing shows and hanging out. I guess humour is just the consequence of that all. Same goes for making the TV Guides video. We didn’t make the movie like we did to state that humour is a very important aspect of the band or something like that. It was more the result of a combination of Mütte’s twisted mind and us having a shitload of fun in the woods on a Sunday afternoon.”

OOS: “Some final shout outs?”

Jeroen:We’d like to give a shout-out to some people and bands who made our first ‘real’ year as a band as amazing as it was. We couldn’t have done all this without Mütte Brants, Filip – Penthouse Studio – De Bot, De Schimpigen Aap, Karel – This Ain’t Noise – Geuens and Jordi Ostir and all the other guys and girls who booked or supported us in any other way.

Make sure to check out Off The Charts, The Priceduifkes, Silver & Gold, Cheap Drugs, The Adjectives, The Dutch Rudders, We’rewolves, Cornflames and The Waiting Game.

Thanks a lot!”





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