REVIEW: Black Cat Bone Squad – The Porkshop

a2023726686_2Black Cat Bone Squad – The Porkshop
CD 2014 DIY

We don’t have to cross our borders, go abroad or sail the seven seas in our search for the true soul of rock and roll. We don’t need talent shows, Studio Brussels or Humo’s rock rally to tell us what’s good and what’s not. We just have to open our ears, remove our eye patches and look beyond the pre-chewed pop culture to find good (roots) rock, punk, psychobilly or whatsoever bands in our own towns. Black Cat Bone Squad from Diest (B) and surroundings is one of those good Belgian underground rock and roll bands.

Their latest record ‘The Porkshop’ is like a perfect blended whiskey: some nice aged roots, some tasty rockabilly mixed with pure psychobilly and some blues, all spiced up with a punk rock attitude. All basic tracks were analogue recorded live in the studio with only the voice, some guitar solo’s and some overdubs that were added later. It certainly gives the album a soul and that’s what music (like this) needs.

Black Cat Bone Squad is one of the most exiting rootsrock/psychobilly bands coming from Belgium at this moment. 9/10

Track list:
1. (All my friends are) Vampires
2. The Porkshop
3. Darkness
4. A deadman’s Gratitude
5. Astrid B.
6. Chicken Rag
7. El Blues de los Gatos Negros
8. Whiskey
9. Insomniac
10. Me & my baby
11. Mr. Death
12. Surf to Hell
13. a New Traditional


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