REVIEW: Gab De La Vega – Songs Of Existence

Gab De La Vega - Songs Of ExistenceGab De La Vega – Songs Of Existence
LP 2013 Goodwill Records (GER) / Vegan Records (ARG) / Blindman Melodies (POL) / Judas Cradle Recordings (SWE) / Black Rose Records (GER) (Distributed by Epidemic Records)

Gab De La Vega is the singer/songwriter solo project from ‘The Smashrooms’ vocalist/gitarist Gab. After years of playing punk and hardcore, Gab took up an acoustic guitar to play socially engaged folk.

Musically the set-up is minimal, its an acoustic folk version of three-chords punk. Like with The Smashrooms, his music is social engaged with stories of life, personal thoughts, politics, … Again (like with The Smashrooms) he’s not the best in the business, but he doesn’t claim to be, the man knows his limitations. He produces some nice songs but it sometimes lacks the quality of fellow punk rock singer/songwriters. 7/10

Track list:
1. Song Of Resistance
2. Freedom Comes At Night
3. My Name Is A Badge
4. You vs Me
5. Another Breath
6. On A Boat
7. Give Me The Sun
8. A Bag At The Door
9. As We See The World Collapse
10. The End Of The Line


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