REVIEW: Hard Evidence – Last One Standing

hardevidenceHard Evidence Last One Standing
LP/CD 2014 Rebellion Records / Longshot Music

Hard Evidence from St. Louis (USA) is a new streetpunk/Oi! band. They started in 2013 and recently released their début album ‘Last One Standing’ on Rebellion Records (for Europe) and Longshot Music (for the USA).

Hard Evidence is characterized by a solid and catchy sound that capture the classic British Oi and Punk, combined with the more melodic sing-a-long style of American street punk. ‘Last One Standing’ is a good start, for an unknown new band. This promising début will help to make a name for themselves, it certainly made me interested for more. 7,5/10

Track list:
1. Long Days
2. All The Answers
3. Criminals And Outcasts
4. Spoiled Rotten
5. Last One Standing
6. Can’t Save Me
7. Rising Sun
8. Propaganda


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