REVIEW: Painted Wolves – s/t

Painted Wolves - ST - LPPainted Wolves – s/t
LP 2013 Epidemic Records

Painted Wolves is a Swedish vegan hardcore band with members of ‘Anchor’, ‘Death Is Not Glamorous’, ‘Dead Vows’, ‘8 Days Of Nothing’ and ‘The Smackdown’. Last year they released this s/t EP through Epidemic Records which is the follower to their ‘Unholy’ EP” also released on Epidemic Records. 

Epidemic Records is a hardcore label based in Brescia (Italy) that believes in the DIY ethic and that want to help bands who have something to say: “Through hardcore, bands have always brought ideas, reflections, messages and critical thinking about the world we live in. This is what we like in hardcore: it’s not just music. It’s something more.”

This s/t LP is my first introduction to ‘Painted Wolves’, so I can’t compare it to their previous release ‘Unholy’ to see if there is any difference or any progress made. One thing is for sure this s/t LP has an aggressive, dark and heavy sound with six qualitative good, raw edged (post-)hardcore punk songs. 7,5/10 

Track list:
1. The Virgin Dance
2. Oblivion
3. Those Eyes
4. Necklace
5. Sea of Demons
6. Serve the Serpent


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