REVIEW: The Grave Brothers vs Adios Pantalones – Clash Of The Primitives

GraveBrothers-AdiosPantalonesThe Grave Brothers vs Adios Pantalones – Clash Of The Primitives
Split CD/LP 2013 Drunkabilly Records

Last year Drunkabilly Records released ‘Clash Of The Primitives’ a split record with The Grave Brothers and Adios Pantalones. ‘Clash Of The Primitives’ is a record that gives a good representation of what Drunkabilly records is all about: For all your alternative Psycho-Rockabilly, Country, Surf, Rock’n’Roll, Garage needs.”

The first six songs of Clash Of The Primitivesare by ‘The Grave Brothers‘, a band which members are/were active in other bands: The Tall Boys, The Andrews Surfers, Fifty Foot Combo, The Mudmen, Unite Against Society and lots more. Musically, their songs are also the most interesting contribution to this record with a sound that varies from punked up country and bluegrass to county infused psychobilly. For the fans of Moonshine Reunion with a twist of some pyscho punk rock. Adios Pantalones on the other hand must mainly rely on their solid old-school psychobilly (influenced by bands as ‘The Meteors and Demented Are Go) with a high dose of humour and fun to stand their ground. 7,5/10

Track list:
1. The Grave brothers: Goat Skin Clogs
2. The Grave brothers: Way Up High/Down Below
3. The Grave brothers: Are You Drinking With Me Jesus
4. The Grave brothers: Black Sunday Shuffle
5. The Grave brothers: Rum Drinkers& Hell Raisers
6. The Grave brothers: Now Go!!
7. Adios Pantalones: Time Is No Friend
8. Adios Pantalones: Terror Street
9. Adios Pantalones: Hairy Tits
10. Adios Pantalones: Creature Of Nightmares
11. Adios Pantalones: Come On Freddy
12. Adios Pantalones: Psycho Killer


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