REVIEW: Synaesthesia – s/t

SynaesthesiaCover72dpiSynaesthesia – s/t
CD 2014 GEP

When it comes to progressive rock, I’m lost. I’m not familiar with the genre, bands, … and Synaesthesia (UK) is to be considered as progressive rock, electronic rock, alternative rock, experimental rock or whatsoever. Their style can be describe as a mixture of all the above combining traditional prog rock with modern elements like electronics, ….

To be honest, I don’t now what to think about this record. I never was a big fan of prog rock and I guess I never will find a lot of the experimental, keyboard-driven rock with electronic jingle jangle and never-ending songs attractive. There certainly are some catchy tunes and interesting genre changes on this record but unfortunately I find the vocals a bid dull: they can use some more power at times.
Maybe I’m not the right person to review this record because this début by Synaesthesia does not suit me very well. On the other hand, it certainly is one of the most unique rock albums I’ve heard lately.

Track list:
1. Time, Tension & Intervention
2. Sacrifice
3. Noumenon
4. Epiphany
5. Good Riddance
6. Technology Killed The Kids
7. Life’s What You Make Of It


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