REVIEW: Scrapers – Dark Party

1176292_664613606882741_1690865638_nScrapers – Dark Party
Digital 2013 DIY

New York City punk outfit ‘Scrapers’ are back with a new 9 track album ‘Dark Party’, the follow up for their 2012 ‘Pollute The Youth’ EP. I’m not going to waste a lot of words on this record: ‘Dark Party’ is a blasting record, a less then 12 minute explosion of loud, trashy and snotty punk rock and roll. It will also appeal to the fans of classic hardcore punk. ‘Dark Party’ offers nothing new, its just: no mess no fuss just pure impact. The EP is for free available at their bandcamp: so go pick it up. 8/10

Track list:
2. Gravity
3. White Boys
4. Kids Will Kill
5. Bad Blood
6. Shot Out
7. Dark Party
8. Missing Persons
9. World War


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