REVIEW: Supercharger – Broken Hearts And Fallaparts

130910_Supercharger_BHAFA_frontpic_FINALESupercharger – Broken Hearts And Fallaparts
CD 2014 Gain Music

That the Scandinavians know how to rock, is common knowledge. But since a few years the Danish band Supercharger proved, that they can stand their ground in the top of the Scandinavian rock scene. Last February they released the follower to their 2011 album ‘That’s How We Roll’, called ‘Broken Hearts And Fallaparts’. Its the bands third record and their sharp edged rock and roll still swings.

Supercharger still has the formula to create catchy, radio friendly garage rock with an edge. Their sound is enriched with some folk, blues, southern rock and even some brutal metal including some hey’s and yeah yeah’s.

‘Broken Hearts And Fallaparts’ is a 12-songs-guilty-pleasure, it rocks, it swings and it certainly is pleasant entertainment. 8/10

Track list:
1. Like A Pit Bull
2. Supercharged
3. Blood Red Lips
4. Hold On Buddy
5. Five Hours Of Nothing
6. Yeah Yeah Yeah
7. Suzi The Uzi
8. Hung Over In Hamburg
9. Get What You Deserve
10. The Crash
11. From The Gutter
12. Goodbye Copenhagen


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