REVIEW: Shameless – Guilty

12 Picture Disc [GD30PD]Shameless – Guilty
Picture Disk 2014 Rebel Sound Music

Shameless, formed in June 2011 in Lyon, France is heavily influenced by the older English Oi! Bands. ‘Guilty’ is the bands début and was already released in a co production with several labels: Bords de Seine, Lion Records, and Last Rockers. Now, Rebel Sound Music brings this début as a Limited Edition Picture Disk.

Shameless certainly has that rough 80s British Oi sound, with a healthy dose of melody. Their music, the topics of the songs are what you would expect form your typical Oi! album so nothing new here: you got the sound, the Oi-a-longs, the atmosphere, the attitude and so on.

Unfortunately the pronunciations sometimes gives me the shivers, I’m not always fond on French speaking people that sing in English. Personally I wouldn’t mind if the songs were in French, French can be brutal too.
To conclude: I have some mixed feelings about this album. It probably will appeal to the traditional Skinhead/Oi! Fan but to be honest there are better albums out there.

Track List:
1. Guilty
2. Friday Night Losers
3. 30 Years Tomorrow
4. Bastard
5. Oi! For My Nation
6. We Are The Boys
7. Men with Ties
8. Vote For Shameless
9. Disappointing Friend
10. Fashion Week


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