REVIEWS: The Uprising

_the Uprising _ST_ TAPE cover 7inch _Down We Go_The Uprising
s/t Tape 2013 Mustard Mustache
Down We Go 7” 2014 Bad Dog Records
Compilation CD 2014 Bad Dog Records

The Uprising is a Berlin based punk rock band founded in 2012. The band released their self titled début tape on Mustard Mustache in 2013 and recently they released a 7” called ‘Down We Go’ as well as a compilation CD featuring both releases on Bad Dog Records.

The Uprising consists of ex-members of bands like Frontkick, Distressed, Nervous Chillin’, Versus You and Far From Finished. So, with these bands in mind, you have a pretty good idea of what you can expect: energetic ’77 studs and spikes inspired punk with catchy melodies, a dose of Rancid and some socio critical lyrics. In a way, and that’s my personal view folks, ‘The Uprising’ manage to create a connection between the punk of the 70’s and today’s punk rock resulting in a modern version of the early punk.

This band sounds very promising and I think they have a bright future ahead. 8/10

Track list:
1. Suck It Up (Tape / CD)
2. Untitled (Tape / CD)
3. Salvation not decay (Tape / CD)
4. Outta here (Tape / CD)
5. 21st century (7” / CD)
6. people vs people (7” / CD)
7. overboard (7” / CD)
8. Getting By (7” / CD)


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