REVIEW: V/A – Oi! Ain’t Dead 2

oiaintdeadV/A – Oi! Ain’t Dead 2
10” 2014 Rebellion Records

Rebellion records released another Oi! Ain’t Dead compilation, the second one so far. This time 4 bands with each two songs, pressed on a nice 10”. The first one had ‘Old Firm Casuals’, ‘Razorblade’, ‘The Corps’ and ‘Booze And Glory’ and for this one ‘Bishops Green’, ‘Razorblade’, ‘Lion’s Law’ and ‘Razorcut’ were chosen. Four toppers when it comes to Oi! and streetpunk Nowadays.

The first two songs comes from the Canadian melodic Oi!/punk rock band Bishops Green, one of my most favourite bands nowadays within this genre. Both songs are also on their new album ‘Pressure’.
If you are familiar with the Dutch Oi! Scene and Rebellion Records than Razorblade needs no introduction, their contribution to this compilation is pure hard hitting Brickwall Oi and a nice warming up for their upcoming album.
Up next are two catchy and melodic Oi! Tracks with a rock and roll beat from the Lion’s Law (F).
The last two songs are from Razorcut an Aussie streetpunk/Oi! band fronted by Al from Marching Orders.

Oi! fans can’t go wrong with this ‘Oi! Ain’t Dead 2’ compilation but its possible that you already have or soon will have (when you buy the newest records) some of the songs in your collection.

Track list:
1. Bishops green – Gross And Net
2. Bishops Green – Night Terror
3. Razorblade – Warriors
4. Razorblade – Dead On Arrival
5. Lion’s Law – Our Generation
6. Lion’s Law – Hanging On The Corner
7. Razorcut – Fighting Fit
8. Razorcut – Locked Up


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