REVIEW: Foreign Legion – Light At The End Of The Tunnel

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}Foreign Legion Light At The End Of The Tunnel
LP 2014 Aggro Beat Records / Rebel Sound

The feeling I have lately with a lot of releases within the (street) punk and Oi! genre is that when you heard one you heard it all. Certainly when it comes to Oi/skinhead music, there aren’t a lot of bands that really stand out, but if I need to name a few exceptions: Badlands, Evil Conduct and Bishops Green really kick ass.

At first I had the same feeling with ‘Foreign Legion’ latest album ‘Light At The End Of The Tunnel’ (the album was already released on CD at the end of 2013). These Welsh punks are around for thirty years and in a way its normal that it all sound familiar.

Oh what the hell, I give them the benefit of the doubt. After all these years their old school punk sound, a blend of punk and Oi! with a rock and roll beat, or to quote them: punk rock for the punks and skins, street rock for the chosen few’, with songs full of socio-political topics and homages to their Welsh heritage, still can stand their ground. 7,5/10

Track list:
1. Jenny
2. What a place to be
3. Regeneration (council list)
4. My radio
5. Hey girl
6. George Best
7. Stalker
8. Market trader
9. Three years (the untold story)
10. Miners (The fathers sacrifice)
11. Drunken heroes
12. Phoenix from the flame


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